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Ron at age 4

Ron Henggeler,  age 4,  living at the time in Omaha Nebraska.

I was born on July 12, 1953, 7:07p.m. in Columbus, Nebraska (sun 20 deg. 20 min. Cancer; moon 12 deg. 39 min. Leo; Ascendant 7 min. deg. 04 in.Capricorn; and MC 2 deg.11 min. Scorpio).

Ron in Arkansas with his teepee

Ron Henggeler  1974    age 21   

The photo was taken during the time that I was living in a tipi. My 'back to the land' camp was deep in the Ozark Mountains of northwestern Arkansas.

I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas and attended college at Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas, majoring in painting and sculpture. In 1974 I moved to San Francisco where I studied painting and sculpture with Tom Phillips, photography with Mark Anstendig, and English composition with John Welsh.

Jane Goodall with Ron
Dr. Jane Goodall and Ron Henggeler with Mr.H (the monkey)
BIG 4 Restaurant in San Francisco  2002
Lyell Rushtin and Ron
Lyell Rushtin from the Peabody Essex Museum and Ron Henggeler, Sunset on Twin Peaks in San Francisco   February 23, 2006

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