The Leland Stanford mansion at the corner of Powell and California Streets on Nob Hill, 1878-1879.
The mansion burned to the ground in 1906. Today’s Stanford Court Hotel now stands at the site.  Note the Hopkins mansion in the background still under construction. For scale, also note the two men on the sidewalk in front of the mansion. Since 1906, all that remain of the two mansions is the retaining wall that surrounds the block that the Stanford Court Hotel and Mark Hopkins Hotel now stand on.

Arthur Brown Sr. was the engineer for the Central Pacific Railroad who designed and oversaw the building of the retaining wall that surrounds the block that the Hopkins and Stanford mansions stood on. Brown later went on to become the architect of SF’s Civic Center after 1906.

This granite column:
stands at the entrance to today's Stanford Court Hotel.
It appears in the above 19th century photograph to the left of the men on the sidewalk.

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